The QR Code Wave is Just Getting Started
QR code menus had an official come-up during the pandemic, enabling touchless ordering, appointments at offices small and large, all utilizing QR codes.

What is a QR Code? Quick Response (QR) codes are 2-dimensional barcodes. The codes can be read by mobile phone cameras with code-reading functionality, enabling touchless transactions.QR codes have been popular in China for years, after being integrated into digital wallets like AliPay and WeChat pay. However, in America…well…America had been slow to catch on due to consumer confusion and the need for a special app to read the codes. All of that changed when COVID hit.You see…the pandemic created an urgent need for touchless transactions – enter QR codes!Data since the start of the pandemic shows merchants are all moving in:50% of all full-service restaurants in the US have added QR code menus.PayPal has added QR code payments to ~1m small businesses (and countless nonprofits).CVS added QR code payments at 8.2k locations in the US.

Why Should QR Codes Matter to a Nonprofit? The answer is simple. The biggest benefit of QR codes is hyper-personalized marketing. QR code menus use cookies to capture and track customer data. This allows restaurants to store purchase data alongside contact and payment information. The same can be said for using QR codes to have your students register for your upcoming classes, events, Shabbatonim and trips. Between the ease of a QR code and more and more locations adopting this method – it won’t be too long until your students simply expect to register using a QR code. Get ahead of the trend and use the simple technology to help you best cater to and educate your students in a world that will be impacted by COVID for years to come! 

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