This section contains links and information that is particularly valuable to those involved in running a successful synagogue.

Articles of Interest

Women on Synagogue Boards

Bring TED Talks to Shul?

Interesting concept on Synagogue dues paying
by Noam Neusner.

A Rebuttal: Neusner’s Flawed Premise on Increasing Synagogue Involvement
by Hayim Herring.

Moving toward a Twenty-First Century Synagogue
An excerpt from an insightful book authored by Hayim Herring.

Websites and Tools
A great website with insightful articles. You can even gain from reading the comments section of this site.

OU Synagogue Services
Read all about OU Synagogue Services here.

Shul Cloud
Used throughout North America, this tool helps manage your eNewsletters, website, and many other aspects of your synagogue.