Any synagogue board president or board member I have spoken to almost always has an interesting anecdote, sometimes humorous, to share with me about their board. The challenge of finding the best lay-leaders from your synagogue membership to serve on your board can be challenging. Most synagogue by-laws dictate terms for board members to serve. This generally results in at least some annual movement in
There is a place tucked away in the alleyways of the Holy City; its structure is not grand and it has no massive lobby and certainly no parking lot. The building is not impressive and it is not on the list of the ten ‘must see' places on most people's itinerary when they come to Israel. That's too bad, because it really is a place to visit. It is a place to daven. It is a place to learn.
At NLE Resources, we are always looking for free and helpful resources that will help your shul, school and institution run effectively and efficiently. In this post, we want to share with you two wonderful resources that will help a young or old shul move in a positive direction. The first resource we want to bring to your attention is called: This site is run by Mark
The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) has recently created “Gabbai2Gabbai,” a monthly forum via conference call to aid the development of the gabbaim in your shul. This is certainly something that a new or seasoned gabbai in your shul or outreach center could benefit from knowing about and joining in on the monthly forum.
Want a better website and don’t know where to start? All too often, people assume that a better website means a complete overhaul or the need to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new website. In some cases that may be true, but a couple tweaks can make the difference between bland and beautiful. After... Read more »