crime-police Yaakov cried because he came without gifts for Rachel. He said, “Eliezer brought nose rings, bracelets and delicacies for Rivkah on behalf of Yitzchak, but I came empty-handed.” Yaakov had no possessions because Eisav sent his son Eliphaz to kill Yaakov but was unable to do so since Eliphaz was influenced by Yitzchak

h-clinton Google news reported that Clinton's questionable integrity cost her the election. Marc A. Thiessen wrote on September 22, 2016 in The Washington Post, “The American people have been burned, time and again, by Hillary Clinton’s “honesty”... A recent NBC News poll found that just 11 percent of Americans say Clinton is

love Throughout history, protests and demonstrations have been successful in catalyzing change: The Boston Tea Party against British rule in 1773 that led to the American Revolution, Bastille Day and the French Revolution in 1789, and Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights March on Washington in 1963. Most recently, Donald Trump’s

header-morasha When I was studying in yeshivah in the suburbs of Baltimore, each Friday afternoon we would leave the campus to take care of errands. The only way to travel was relying on the kindness of people who had cars to give us a lift. We stood at the gate of the yeshivah and drivers would stop and ask where we needed to go.

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