reb_moshe_feinstein On Rosh HaShanah we saw the big picture. We affirmed that God created and guides the universe. We coronated God as King of the world amidst resounding shofar blasts. We identified with both the great deeds of the avot (forefathers) and the dedication of the nascent Jewish nation that followed God into the desert to receive the Torah at Mount Sinai. As we are judged for another

School Yeshivas, day schools, shuls and other Jewish institutions may employ non-Jews in various administrative and faculty positions. The journey through the Jewish calendar can be lost upon the non-Jewish staff, and yet they commonly have questions about its meaning. Rabbi Reuven Margrett at the Frankel Jewish
jake-tv How do we reach young Jews with a message they are ready to receive, in a place they’ll be able to hear it? That’s a question that has been on the minds of kiruv professionals since the beginning of kiruv. A group of media people have been working on one way to do just that. It’s called Jake TV: a curated, cross-platform
facebook Fundraising is not what it used to be few decades ago. While years ago fundraising campaigns were dependant on how many people you personally contacted, now it’s a matter of how well your online marketing campaigns perform. We live in a social media era where most people spend their time engaged
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