Olami Resources is happy to present on ongoing weekly series of compelling and timely essays with accompanying source sheets researched and written by Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel. The essays appear in the book, “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Values” published by Urim, or in the upcoming books, “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Values: Man to Man” and... Read more »

In ‘A Brief History of Time’ (published in 1998) Professor Stephen Hawking was equivocal about the possibility of a Creator, stating that finding a complete theory of the universe would allow mankind to know the mind of G-d”. But in his final book, “Brief Answers To The Big Questions,” which is published on Tuesday, the astrophysicist... Read more »

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting is believed to be the deadliest attack on Jews in American history. To that end, Jews around the globe are celebrating — #ShowUpForShabbat — a nationwide initiative aimed at filling synagogues across the country this weekend, and by extension, showing direct solidarity to the Pittsburgh Jewish community. In light of the above,... Read more »

In light of the tragic events of this Shabbos, it seems appropriate to share this shiur on Holding Fast in Times of Pain. “It is a time of pain for Jacob.”  הוֹי כִּי גָדוֹל הַיּוֹם הַהוּא מֵאַיִן כָּמֹהוּ וְעֵת צָרָה הִיא לְיַעֲקֹב וּמִמֶּנָּה יִוָּשֵׁעַ.״ --ירמיהו ל:ז