As rabbis, educators, and executive directors, we are all juggling a very busy schedule. Between our teaching schedules, personal responsibilities and more, it can be a major challenge to find the time to stay productive so that your many responsibilities—let alone your inbox—don’t pile up. After all, there may be times where you are required to network... Read more »
This section contains links and information that is particularly valuable to those involved in management and leadership positions. Articles of Interest How One Can Better Connect with their Boss 40 great lessons by Thom Singer After reading this article we are certain that you may want to print these lessons out and hang them up... Read more »
This section is especially valuable to anyone starting an organization or who sits on a board of directors. Articles of Interest 7 Questions to ask a nonprofit board member during Due Diligence Women on Synagogue Boards Websites and Tools A great tool for taking notes for meetings quickly and effortlessly. This is a... Read more »
The issue of time management is a very complex one in a world that seems to get busier and busier. The concept of leaving work at the office has gone out the window in a world that functions with smartphones. The same can be said for a Jewish Educator or Jewish Outreach Profesional. This juggling... Read more »
This section contains links and information that is particularly valuable looking into all things related to salary, benefits, and parsonage. Articles on Salaries & Benefits A Survey of Day School Principals in the United States by Dr. Marvin Schick. Rabbinic Salary Study by Articles on Parsonage Long Island is parting ways with parsonage via New York Times.... Read more »