As a nonprofit manager, there is always more to do than hours in a day. The world keeps moving faster, not slower, and even with so many time saving apps and devices, our daily to-do lists seem to be getting longer instead of shorter. Some tasks seem to have taken up permanent residence and we just... Read more »
If you have started a new organization or school, you know that the more successful you become, the more likely you are to be barraged with people who’d like to meet with you, learn with you, ask your advice, etc. This is ever so true during the High Holiday season, when congregants and students introspect... Read more »
As rabbis, educators, and executive directors, we are all juggling a very busy schedule. Between our teaching schedules, personal responsibilities and more, it can be a major challenge to find the time to stay productive so that your many responsibilities—let alone your inbox—don’t pile up. After all, there may be times where you are required to network... Read more »