As a nonprofit manager, there is always more to do than hours in a day. The world keeps moving faster, not slower, and even with so many time saving apps and devices, our daily to-do lists seem to be getting longer instead of shorter. Some tasks seem to have taken up permanent residence and we just... Read more »
Something that many businesses and nonprofits struggle with is determining when they should make their first hire.Let’s be honest. You had a great idea for a new Jewish nonprofit. Thankfully, people have responded positively and you are overwhelmed by the response you are getting to your programs and events. Inasmuch as your classes are a... Read more »
I remember once sitting around the table with my faculty advisory committee. The committee consisted of four teachers from different grade levels and disciplines within the school and was designed to offer me feedback on various programs and change initiatives as well as be my ears on the ground. At one point the conversation moved... Read more »
At NLE Resources, we are always looking for free and helpful resources that will help your shul, school and institution run effectively and efficiently. In this post, we want to share with you two wonderful resources that will help a young or old shul move in a positive direction. The first resource we want to bring to your attention is called: This site is run by Mark
A primary challenge for supervisors is to encourage others within their organizations to go the extra mile and get the job done in a timely manner. In order to do so, they oftentimes bulldoze their agenda through, or, at the most, appeal to the employee’s reason and/or emotion. The conversation may sound something like this:
A challenge for today’s organizational leaders is to find ways to encourage younger constituents to assume meaningful service roles within their organizations. Many factors contribute to the challenge, including the fact that potential lay leaders maintain busy lifestyles, juggling a full (if not extended) workday, together with familial and other responsibilities. When considering how to engage today’s younger generation, it is important to know that its members largely operate by a
A primary function of leadership is to hold firm in the face of challenge and paint a vision of a better tomorrow. Leaders must be able to guide their followers through turbulent times, in the face of resistance and second guessing. Few leaders have been able to do this better than Moshe Rabbeinu, who offered his people hope and inspiration when everything around them appeared to be coming apart. As the young Hebrew nation, fresh