Recently, NonProfit Tech for Good published a detailed list of how donors and volunteers have embraced the Internet for news, entertainment — and even charitable contributions.

Below, we present you with the findings that will be most relevant to a Jewish organization.

After reading this post, you will be able to better assess what you would like to do with your website and how you can best use social media to see greater results in all of your fundraising efforts. Hatzlacha!

1. Donors are 34% more likely to give on responsive websites. For more on responsive websites and logos, see our post here.

Responsive DesignSource: Frogloop


2. Email fundraising accounts for 1/3 of all revenue raised online. Don’t give up on email.

email fundraisingSource: Echo & Co.


3. 18% of Americans says supporting youth and family causes are most important.

chartoftheday_2962_Charitable_Causes_Americans_Care_About_Most_nSource: Harris Poll


4. 60% of millennials donate an average of $481 to nonprofits each year. Don’t forget to include millenials and for that matter Generation Z into your plans. For more on this, see our post here.

Millennial GivingSource: Happify


5. Online donors aged 55-64 are the most generous crowdfunders. Keep this in mind when you’re considering a crowdsourcing fundraiser.

Crowdfunding donorsSource: Kimbia


6. Don’t just look for a big donor. Individuals that earn $25,000 or less donate the largest share of their income to charity.

change-income-bracket-page-0011Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy


7. 19.8% of nonprofit event registrations occur on mobile devices. Make sure that your signup page is mobile friendly.



8. Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram are where users spend the most time. How are you utilizing these sites to help you promote your cause and increase your fundraising efforts?

popular social networks with young peopleSource: Cowen and Company



If you are considering hiring a social media manager, please keep the following in mind: The average salary in the United States for a mid-career social media manager is $56,218.

nonprofit social media salary


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