How much of what you know you’re “supposed to do” are you actually doing? Be honest. Are you using video? Are you livestreaming events and classes? Or only occasionally…

Where are your paths of resistance? What do you still think is “just for kids?” or “beneath me to do?”

People aren’t seeing most of what you offer. You’re sharing sometimes, but not enough. You’re creating messaging but often, it’s “same as” and getting lost in the weeds. And it gets worse.

Here are the facts:

  • Attention spans are just getting shorter
  • People are NOT reading much
  • All nonprofits needs a media layer
  • Your nonprofit needs constant expression offline and online

In the old days, it was enough to cough up a logo, a tagline, some colors and maybe a theme song. That was great branding for a nonprofit. Not anymore. 

What’s worked in the past is no good in 2019. Make sure that this coming year you move in a positive direction and let’s do that by starting with you taking a serious look at your brand. If that involves a refreshing of your branding…take the plunge and keep thriving so that you and your organization can #InspireJewishGreatness.


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