Already well before the outreach movement gained momentum, b’nei Torah moved to out-of-town communities with the berachos of Torah leadership. Each case required its own query, each answer tailor-made to the circumstances of the question asked. Here is not the place to deal with the many chinuch and other questions that arise as a result of living in remote Jewish communities. Each query has to be individually asked. The amount of Torah learning that each person has to do in order to stay strong in his Yiddishkeit, for example, is an individual question. Each person is different. So, too, issues of whether one may miss tefillah b’tzibbur if one does not always get a minyan is not just a local question, but has to do with the long-term spiritual health of the mekarev.

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Preface to The Laws of Outreach

Chapter I: The Mitzvos of Kiruv

Chapter II: Kiruv as a Rescue Mission

Chapter III: Categories of Transgressors and Our Obligations Toward Them

Chapter IV:  Contemporary Non-Observant Jews

Chapter V: Halachic Applications of Tinokos Shenishbu in our Time

Chapter VI: Lifnei Iver

Chapter VII: Invitations for Shabbos

Chapter VIII: Kiruv Through Food

Chapter IX: Marriage

Chapter X: Teaching Torah

Chapter XI: Male – Female Interactions

Chapter XII: Loving and Hating All in One

Chapter XIII: Tochachah – Giving Rebuke

Chapter IV: Chanufah and Outreach – Undeserved Flattering

Appendix 1: Torah Leaders on Engaging in Outreach


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