What is the proper path that a man should pursue? Whatever is of intrinsic value to himself and also earns him the esteem of his fellow men. [1] Ethics of our Fathers (2:1) ABRAHAM KEEPS G-D WAITING If you had to choose between chatting with G-d Himself and conversing with a mere mortal, what would... Read more »

The social scientist, Professor Peter Burke, defines “identity” as the qualities, beliefs, personality traits, appearance, and/or expressions that characterize a person (Wikipedia, The Cambridge Handbook of Social Theory). When we think of who we are at our core, we have many composites – what we think, read, say, watch and do; our cultural heritage – family,... Read more »

Retired U.S. Army four-star General Stanley McChrystal gets a lot done. And it starts with his mornings, which are organized with military precision. Since his day is booked with work, he wakes up each morning at 4:00 AM to get in a 90-minute workout in before he heads into the office. This is the advice... Read more »

In previous productivity steps we planned our work (Step 1,) put systems in place to keep our people informed and in sync (Step 2,) rolled up our sleeves to get work done (Step 3,) and identified strategies to sustain the momentum we’ve built (Step 4.) This post goes deeper on Step 5, Leading for Maximal... Read more »

He used to say: Everything is given on collateral, and a net is spread over all the living. The store is open, the Storekeeper extends credit, the account-book lies open, the hand writes, and all who wish to borrow may come and borrow.

 “Concentrate on what will produce results rather than on the results, focus on the process not the prize.”  — Bill Walsh The human mind fascinates me.  I love learning how my own mind works, as well as how other people’s minds work. I am blessed to be in a profession where my work involves enabling... Read more »

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