Where was Hashem?! How did He let it happen?! Am I supposed to believe that Hashem is merciful and kind?! I want to believe and trust in Hashem, but I am so confused? Having, Baruch Hashem, been involved in Jewish Education for many years, questions from students regarding emunah and bitachon are not new to me. Nevertheless, with the recent terrible tragedies in Eretz
The difficult question of faith in God during and after the Holocaust has challenged many people for decades. The search for theological meaning for the destruction that descended upon the Jews of Europe is not a simple matter. Even if one intellectually grasps the reasons for the existence of suffering in this world, a sensitive heart still finds it hard to confront the Holocaust.
In this second class on Developing and Strengthening Belief in God we will explore an inductive argument. Rather than basing our conclusions on the existence of objective scientific facts, our starting point will be the subjective experience of moral truth that most people feel within themselves. The Moral Argument for the existence of God challenges... Read more »
When Shabbat descends on the world and we participate in its observance, festive meals, songs, prayers, and all types of delights, we are connecting to one of the strongest and most meaningful Jewish forces and experiences. Shabbat is the cornerstone of Jewish belief. This class will discuss how Shabbat observance teaches and reinforces these foundations... Read more »