The American Jewish day school system has failed in epic proportions. And no, I am not talking about tuition costs. We don't talk about our dirty secret much, but in the U.S., no more than six percent of the non-Orthodox Jewish student population attends a Jewish school. No other Western country with a sizable Jewish
A culture can be understood by its vocabulary. Koreans have yeondu and chorok, both shades of green in English. A Korean will surely see these colors as more distinct than an English speaker[1]. Hakadosh Baruch Hu wanted us to think spiritually

I have often wondered why the Hariedi world has so many outstanding mekarvim, yet does such a poor job of getting out its message in the political arena. I have spent my life in kiruv, not politics, but I wonder whether the principles of communication in these two arenas

In a startling statement, Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler (1892-1953) divided the world into givers and takers.[1] Takers, he stated, are always agenda-driven – they give in order to take. For example, they may bring presents for their hosts but only as a means to being liked so that they will be invited again. Can an entire... Read more »