Looking back at 2013, there’s no doubt that non-profit organizations have matured in their ability to leverage social media to promote their causes. As we set forth in advancing our communication strategies for 2014, it’s time to look beyond the “holy trinity” of social media, Twitter, Facbook and Youtube. It’s time organizations begin pushing the envelope by embracing some of the newer platforms. Of course, many
When it comes to successful social media sites, names such as Facebook or Twitter may quickly pop into your head. Let's be honest, most people don't think of Google+ in the same sentence as those popular social networking sites. In this post, we will explain why you should consider bolstering your presence on Google+, the social networking service owned
As an educator or rabbi, you know how difficult it is to convey a message and have it truly impact someone. Lessons with a lot of information can be hard to digest—let alone to teach. For this reason and more, infographics—which are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge—have become an incredibly popular medium. Love them... Read more »
Below you will find wonderful resources to help you simply dip your feet wet or really unlock the potential and power that is social media. Social Media Articles of Interest Let’s Talk Millennials, by David Yarus (Founder of JSwipe) The Complete Guide to Tumblr Etiquette This guide highlights a lot of the big topics and... Read more »
This page will empower the novice to the Social Media Guru with great ‘how-to’ videos and marketing seminars that will allow you to truly transform your organization! Social Media in Plain English by Common Craft Network Synagogues & Social: How to Get Started by Margolit Hoffman Did You Know 2012 How the World is Now... Read more »
The following videos can act as inspiration or simply teach you new concepts and ideas that can help you discover your creativity and truly unlock your potential when it comes to your ability to market your organization, new initiatives, or programs. Inspiration Promotional Photography and Videos Social Media