The Mishnah teaches in Pirkei Avos, Ethics of the Fathers, “The world stand on three pillars: Torah study, Divine Service, and practicing kindness.” Torah Study is the way we learn how to think properly and patiently. Service includes teaching others how to think and live. Kindness includes teaching others how Torah fences can save our... Read more »

In New York City’s Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, a private street called Rockefeller Plaza is situated between the RCA Building and the sunken skating rink. In order to preserve Rockefeller Center’s right of ownership of the street, each year the street is closed to all traffic, even pedestrian, for one day – a Sunday in... Read more »

For anyone running a non-profit who has ever struggled to get participants to show up, volunteers to buy in or donors to sponsor – this training is a game changer. All of the above are actually solved by having a proper marketing strategy and next Thursday, Estie Starr, who worked in marketing for Kiruv for... Read more »

We all love the idea of having “an additional stream of income,” but money doesn’t grow on trees. So is this “secondary income” actually possible? In the frum world, we’re seeing many forms of secondary income streams being added to businesses. Each of these works well in different scenarios. This list is just a starting... Read more »

Today, we’re going to take a little trip into your donor’s head. Why, you ask? Because as uniquely crucial as your organization is, to your donors… it’s just another uniquely crucial organization. One of many they support every year. You can’t fully control how much attention your donors give to you over others. But you... Read more »