I recently delivered a talk at an advancement conference on the topic of identifying and communicating a school’s unique qualities and mission. During the presentation, an issue emerged that sits at the forefront of the minds of many of the professionals who were in attendance. I spoke of the need for advancement personnel (development, admissions, recruitment / retention, communications,
What Are They Really Thinking? Effective Tools to Elicit Constructive Feedback. Feedback is often called the Breakfast of Champions. It gives us key insight into the work that we are doing and guides us on how best to plan for the future. Now, as summer approaches, school and organizational leaders have a great opportunity to collect feedback from core constituents and
About ten years ago, I was participating in a leadership program with area principals and other organizational leaders. As part of the training, we were instructed to undergo a 360 degree assessment. There were many revelations for me from that process, including important feedback about how others viewed my leadership capacity. But one insight
Today’s school leaders face a new education landscape, one fraught with challenges and new expectations. Smart leaders are realizing the benefits of applying business principles to school practice, as they navigate this tricky new terrain. Executive coach and former educator Naphtali Hoff shares eight leadership skills 21st century school leaders can borrow from their corporate brethren. It’s been four years since common core burst onto the scene
This week’s parasha presents a strong contrast in priorities, as expressed by Yaakov and Esav in their historic standoff. The conflict that is subtly expressed at the parasha’s onset presents a fundamental attitudinal difference which underscores the personal weltanschauung of these two men. Yaakov arrived in Eretz Yisrael after two decades of tireless service in the house of Lavan. It was there that