A few years ago I was learning with a former student of mine who was living in New York. He had been in my shiur while in Yeshiva in Israel and we made up to learn by phone at least once a week to keep the connection and to make sure he had some learning in his week. One night he bemoaned that he wished he had more learning in his life. The problem was that he didn't really have the time or energy to learn because he got up early to go work and
For rabbis and educators who dedicate their life to teaching Torah, it can be difficult to find the time to simply "sit and learn" in a challenging chabura. To help solve this, as a part of their staff enrichment, the National Council of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) is sponsoring a free online learning chabura and is opening it to any rabbi around the globe who may benefit from this new venture.
The Jewish people have long been called “The People of the Book.” In fact, one of the identifying characteristics of Judaism is that Jews of all ages, and from all walks of life, engage in intensive and passionate Torah study, without any ulterior financial or academic motives. Such a dedication to study has probably never... Read more »
This page offers links that you can share with your student or congregant to have an online 1 on 1 learning session with a Rabbi, a Chavrusah, partake in a Chaburah, or even an online Yeshiva! Chavrusa Learning ChavrusahMatch.com A new site that says, “whether you are in Kollel or are a busy Professional, find... Read more »