After many years in yeshiva, followed by even more years of leading your own Pesach Seder, you have filled many pages with notes on every paragraph in the Haggadah. And yet, to be able to print your own thoughts on the Haggadah so that you can share them with your friends, family, students, congregants, and donors, has always been something that... Read more »
Under the guidance of Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, I founded PROJECT FELLOW—Yesharim Foundation for Ethical Law as a means to spread awareness of topics related to Choshen Mishpat. PROJECT FELLOW has materials that can be used as a tool for in-reach and outreach. We offer free weekly source sheets
The Star-K is known throughout the world as being a reputable kashrus organization. Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, the rabbi of Agudath Israel of Baltimore, has served as the Rabbinic Administrator since 1971. Today, it is one of the only kosher certification organizations with a dedicated customer service
We have published three blogposts (available here and here and here) that featured great programming brochures so that your shul or community kollel could be aware of wonderful ideas from around the globe! As we now enter the season of spring and summer, you may be on the look out for ways to still draw people—especially families—into your events,... Read more »
People can connect to Judaism through many different means. And so, at, we are always on the lookout to bring you the latest trends and creative educational methods being used in Jewish classrooms and settings around the globe! In this post, we are going to highlight the use of animated plasticine (also known as claymation)... Read more »
Creating and sharing audio slideshows has never been easier, thanks to a new service called: UtellStory. As a rabbi or educator you can use this service to send a short thought on the weekly Torah portion, update parents on the latest news from your school, or even make a fundraising pitch! How does UtellStory work? All you... Read more »
Purim is quickly approaching! While everyone is still obligated to send one basket (containing two types of food) to one person on Purim day itself, many Jewish organizations rely upon mishloach manos as a major fundraiser. And so, while the following post may be too late to put into action for this Purim, we encourage you... Read more »
Running an organization is no simple feat. No organization can rely upon just an annual dinner as their sole fundraiser. Instead, we all must turn to various forms of fundraising. One of the most popular ways to raise funds in the Jewish world, is through a raffle. For some shuls or organizations, their annual raffle is the... Read more »
As an educator or rabbi, you know how difficult it is to convey a message and have it truly impact someone. Lessons with a lot of information can be hard to digest—let alone to teach. For this reason and more, infographics—which are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge—have become an incredibly popular medium.  After... Read more »