It was in the first month of the second year on the first of the month that the Mishkan was erected. (Shemos 40:17)   The concept of sacrificial offerings may conjure up images of ancient, primitive cultures. Yet, when we read the Torah, the timeless guide for life, we are struck with the predominant... Read more »
Immediately following Matan Torah, Moshe Rebeinu teaches the Mishpatim, the social ordinances which comprise the bedrock of Jewish society. Why is it appropriate to introduce Talmud study to newcomers to Judaism especially in Parshas Mishpatim?
In Parshas Va’eira, God sends Moshe and Aaron to warn Pharaoh in advance of each of the first seven plagues to free Bnei Yisroel from Mitzraim. Since Pharaoh refused to send out the Jewish people after each of the first five plagues, God then withdrew Pharaoh’s free will and sent the remaining five plagues. One might assume that
Recently, NCSY released a new Bar Mitzvah infographic! You can see the infographic here. It explains the basics of what it means to become a Bar Mitzvah, analyzes the phrase “Bar Mitzvah,” explores why we make a big celebration, and provides an overview of tefillin. Plus, it also offers a deeper look at tefillin. All in all, this is a great infographic
In Parshas Shemos, God chooses Moshe Rabbeinu to become the leader of Klal Yisroel. The importance of leadership in government, business, and every facet of society cannot be overstated. The shelves of our bookstores are stacked with advice on how to become an effective leader. What does Judaism have to say about leadership?