Aryeh Zev Narrow, a Spring Valley, NY communications consultant, helps non-profits create powerful marketing and fundraising messages. You can learn more about non-profit marketing and fundraising messages on Aryeh Zev’s blog: The Spark.    The Talmud says, “if you try to grab too much, you end up grabbing nothing.” Fundraising can be a competitive business, and some... Read more »
In an earlier post (see here), we shared with you the words of Dr. Nick Morgan. He cautions against using weasel words when you are public speaking, and explains just how detrimental these terms can be for your message and overall reputation. Just as one needs to be aware of their spoken words, a person should also be careful when... Read more »
A recent graduate of one of Ner LeElef’s many training programs contacted looking for a way to receive online donations. But, here’s the catch—his new organization doesn’t have a website yet! Below, you will find a roundup of new startups and some well-known options that you can use to accept donations with and without... Read more »
Purim is quickly approaching! While everyone is still obligated to send one basket (containing two types of food) to one person on Purim day itself, many Jewish organizations rely upon mishloach manos as a major fundraiser. And so, while the following post may be too late to put into action for this Purim, we encourage you... Read more »
Running an organization is no simple feat. No organization can rely upon just an annual dinner as their sole fundraiser. Instead, we all must turn to various forms of fundraising. One of the most popular ways to raise funds in the Jewish world, is through a raffle. For some shuls or organizations, their annual raffle is the... Read more »