It happens to EVERYONE...The outcome of the fundraising meeting was not exactly as we wanted it to be. We often can forget to apply the basics of successful fundraising that move people to give their support. Therefore, EACH and EVERY time you ask for support, as fundraising guru Jeff Brooks creatively puts it, make certain your request is ‘S.U.R.E,’
In an earlier blogpost, we explained how you and your organization can join shuls and Jewish nonprofits around the globe who have their own apps for iPhone and android. Having your own app allows students, congregants and donors to keep up-to-date with the latest news, events, minyanim and happenings. It also lets members view and pay their member dues online
Online giving brings in donations from a range of people from young Millenials to aging Baby Boomers, and analysts predict that it will continue to grow. Not all nonprofits are "jumping for joy" at this news. After all, both businesses and nonprofits see funds diminished because online credit card processing services such as PayPal or Square (see our earlier post on
The other day, I was taking a look at a newbie video editor’s rough draft and gave her some tips that I think rabbis, educators and nonprofit professionals who read could benefit from as well. 1. She started out with a good music choice, which is key. Think about which Jewish
As we are now in the thick of spring and summer, you may be on the lookout for creative ways to still draw people—especially families—into your events, so that they feel connected to your organization throughout the year. After all, bringing people into a shul or a community center is a lot easier during the High
Whether you are a busy nonprofit professional or a fundraiser, you have certainly read through all sorts of business books throughout your career. After all, you are constantly looking to learn new tactics to help your institution secure a bright financial future. Nowadays, in our increasingly busy world, finding the "free time"
Nowadays, more and more people use their mobile phone as their primary computer screen. In fact, because around 50 percent of the 74.6 million unique visitors to (the largest sports site in the U.S.) are on a mobile device, the site chose to design their new looking website first for small screens before it did so for large ones (see here). In light of the above, Kindrid is a new approach
As a small nonprofit organization, we are certain that you are constantly looking for easy fundraising opportunities or different ways to help bring in revenue. Many Jewish organizations are aware of a relatively new fundraising program organized by American Express called: Small Business Saturday. See here for an example of how one
Are you looking for a great event that will put the fun into your next fundraiser? In the past, we've featured some great ways (see for example our posts on golf and cycling) that Jewish organizations are using sports to raise awareness and funds for their organization. In the following post, we are going to show you how you can