As sure as the sun will rise in the east tommorow, every organization knows that good PR materials, flyers, and graphics are a key ingredient to a successful shiur or fundraiser. And yet, paying a graphic artist can cost a small fortune and cripple any organization. That’s why NLE Resources is incredibly impressed by and excited
We’ve written all about infographics (see here for the latest post) and have even amassed a large collection of Jewish infographics (here and here)! Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn there’s an infographic presenting information to the masses. People love infographics because they easily convey information in a visual way —  and best of all, infographics can go... Read more »
In an earlier post (see here), we shared with you the words of Dr. Nick Morgan. He cautions against using weasel words when you are public speaking, and explains just how detrimental these terms can be for your message and overall reputation. Just as one needs to be aware of their spoken words, a person should also be careful when... Read more »
A recent graduate of one of Ner LeElef’s many training programs contacted looking for easy ways to save money and create his own flyers and posters in-house. We figured that we’d present you with our answer to his question and tell you about a neat online tool that you can use to make flyers... Read more »
Barry Schwartz is the President of RustyBrick, a New York-based web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. He is also the Executive Editor of the Search Engine Roundtable, and was instrumental in the creation of the The ArtScroll Talmud App.   Jews around the world know... Read more »
The following links and videos can act as inspiration or help you when it comes to making a promotional video for your organization. Articles of Interest How to Create Your Own Promo Video for Under $100 A great post from the folks at KISS Metrics. Take High-Quality Portraits with Nothing but a Smartphone and a... Read more »
We all need to create brochures, flyers for our classes, banquet invitations, and so on and so forth. Without these graphically pleasing pieces it would be that much harder to attract people to attend events. Finding a graphic designer who is not just affordable but who really has their pulse on the Jewish world is... Read more »
Advertising and Communcation deal with both the conceptual and the practical elements of Advertising and Communication when it comes to running a successful Jewish organization. Today, with the advent of Social Media there would be many more rules appearing in this book. Nonetheless, we are certain that you’d find it useful as a primer to... Read more »