The Star-K is known throughout the world as being a reputable kashrus organization. Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, the rabbi of Agudath Israel of Baltimore, has served as the Rabbinic Administrator since 1971. Today, it is one of the only kosher certification organizations with a dedicated customer service
As an educator or rabbi, you know how difficult it is to convey a message and have it truly impact someone. Lessons with a lot of information can be hard to digest—let alone to teach. For this reason and more, infographics—which are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge—have become an incredibly popular medium.  After... Read more »
Founded by Rabbi Hillel & Neima Novetsky and their children, Yonatan, Aviva, Ariella and Yehuda, is a one-stop Tanach study resource, providing the tools, techniques, and technology to make Tanach come alive in your home, at a Shabbos table, in your classroom or even in a drasha! It is a truly an incredible tool that makes... Read more »
As we enter Parshas Teruma, you may be looking for a way to have people better appreciate the Mishkan. We’ve got an excellent visual aid. You can now build your own Mishkan! This model is ideal for a classroom demonstration; it can be used as a way to bring the tabernacle and the concepts that surround... Read more »
This book provides brief answers to 100 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions (with source notes) as well as a methodology of How to Answer.      
How to Use NLE Syllabus Materials   Bein Adam L’Chavero Can You Ever Tell A Lie? Controlling Anger Hospitality to Guests Love Your Neighbor Taming the Inner Critic: Transforming Attitudes by Judging Favorably The Stunning Power of Speech I: The Cosmic and Spiritual Dynamics of Speech The Stunning Power of Speech II: Lashon Hara –... Read more »