This book provides brief answers to 100 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions (with source notes) as well as a methodology of How to Answer.      
How to Use NLE Syllabus Materials   Bein Adam L’Chavero Can You Ever Tell A Lie? Controlling Anger Hospitality to Guests Love Your Neighbor Taming the Inner Critic: Transforming Attitudes by Judging Favorably The Stunning Power of Speech I: The Cosmic and Spiritual Dynamics of Speech The Stunning Power of Speech II: Lashon Hara –... Read more »
This page offers links to a multitude of sites that can come in as handy resources when it comes to building a class or sermon. Free NLE Books Sources In this book, aptly titled, Sources, the reader can access a multitude of sources for different topics such as: Torah, Gemara, Mitzvos, Holidays, Hashkafic principles, and much more!... Read more »