For many, the term “Business Halacha” conjures up images of complex laws and scenarios that only a learned rabbi can truly comprehend. The Parnassah Network realizes that these laws apply to the most basic day-to-day business transactions and wants to be able to allow both the scholar and layperson to relate to the laws found... Read more »
A recent incident highlighted the nature of who is deciding issues of medical ethics. A study of 1,300 very premature babies[1] whose undeveloped lungs require extra oxygen to be artificially supplied, tried to determine the correct oxygen levels. Too much oxygen can cause severe eye damage and blindness, whereas too little can lead to brain... Read more »
Under the guidance of Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, I founded PROJECT FELLOW—Yesharim Foundation for Ethical Law as a means to spread awareness of topics related to Choshen Mishpat. PROJECT FELLOW has materials that can be used as a tool for in-reach and outreach. We offer free weekly source sheets
The Star-K is known throughout the world as being a reputable kashrus organization. Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, the rabbi of Agudath Israel of Baltimore, has served as the Rabbinic Administrator since 1971. Today, it is one of the only kosher certification organizations with a dedicated customer service
The ‘Ask the Rabbi‘ section on Eretz Hemdah is a wonderful resource for any rabbi and educator. Often, we are left looking for good topics to discuss from our pulpit, in an email, or at a Contemporary Halacha class. This site is bursting with wonderful, insightful, timely and well researched questions and answers that will... Read more »