As the head of a small or large Jewish organization, you recently gathered your rabbis and educators to brainstorm and figure out ways in which you can increase enrollment to your classes and up your membership by fifty people over the next year. Upon reviewing your notes from the meeting, you notice that everyone seems to think that it's time for your organization to create a new website. But, is this always true?
As a nonprofit organization, Populr is a new free service that you should know about! Indeed, some of the finest corporations and nonprofits from around the world are now using Populr to bridge the gap between email communications and websites. With Populr, you don't need a programmer or designer. Using their drag and drop automatic
Nowadays, every company and nonprofit organization needs to have an updated and relevant looking website to properly advertise their services and events. In fact, more and more organizations are creating additional websites to advertise their upcoming program, concert, annual dinner, etc. However, all too often, rabbis and educators are afraid to start
When it comes to successful social media sites, names such as Facebook or Twitter may quickly pop into your head. Let's be honest, most people don't think of Google+ in the same sentence as those popular social networking sites. In this post, we will explain why you should consider bolstering your presence on Google+, the social networking service owned is an exciting and easy-to-use website that allows you to create unique graphic products and promotions that you’ll love to use.  Here’s just some of the stuff that has to offer:   1) Create Motivational Posters: This section of their site allows you to easily upload any picture and use it to create a customized motivational... Read more »