Anyone who has experienced yiddishkeit in its truest form knows that it is the totality of our religion, more so than its individual components, which makes it so special. Sure, there might be some particular components which serve as its hallmarks, such as shemiras

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche In a moving video talk, comedian Michael Jr. describes the power of knowing your “why.” In it, he showed an audience a clip from a different event, in which he asked a member of that audience to sing
  Recently, I wrote two posts relating to mentoring and abundance theory, respectively. The first article focused on distinguishing between mentors and supervisors and the important role that mentors play in the growth and job satisfaction of their protégés/ mentees as well as their own. The latter post contrasted Abundance Theory (AT) from Scarcity Theory.... Read more »