About ten years ago, I was participating in a leadership program with area principals and other organizational leaders. As part of the training, we were instructed to undergo a 360 degree assessment. There were many revelations for me from that process, including important feedback about how others viewed my leadership capacity. But one insight
Now more than ever, great leaders are great storytellers. Storytelling helps executives weave rich narratives that inspire their organizations, set a vision, teach important lessons, and define the organization’s culture and values. Perhaps most importantly, stories explain who you are, how you got here, and what you believe most deeply about your work and about each other.

One of the most famous arguments between Bais Shammai and Bais Hillel relates to Chanukah. The debate centers on the sequence of the menorah lighting, whether it should be “top-down” (light a full eight lights on the first evening and then one fewer candle each successive night, the opinion of Bais Shammai) or “bottom-up” (the... Read more »
The drama involving Yosef and the shevatim which transpired on Egyptian soil is of the most intriguing sequences found in the Torah. One component which invariably captures our collective attention is the brothers’ sustained inability to recognize the Egyptian viceroy’s true identity. We are familiar with Rashi’s comment in which he
This week’s parasha presents a strong contrast in priorities, as expressed by Yaakov and Esav in their historic standoff. The conflict that is subtly expressed at the parasha’s onset presents a fundamental attitudinal difference which underscores the personal weltanschauung of these two men. Yaakov arrived in Eretz Yisrael after two decades of tireless service in the house of Lavan. It was there that