An animated GIF is a series of still image frames coded into a single file. While animated GIFs have been popular online for years, they are now increasingly popular and often go viral across social media and blogs. Ready to learn how you can use a GIF to get your organization attention and market your programs? Here we go!
According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, 105% of donors gained by nonprofits were offset by lapsed donors. Let that sink in for a minute: for every 100 new donors that came through the door, 105 walked out. Not exactly the growth most nonprofits are looking for. One of the best ways to improve your donor churn rate is to improve your donor communications.
Earlier this month, Experian Marketing Services released their 2013 Email Market Study. Their detailed report showed that despite living in a world in which all sorts of age demographics communicate via social media, it is email that continues to reign as one of the most profitable channels for marketers and a key touch point for further engagement. And so, before you invite someone to your Pesach seder or ask donors to partake
When we think about the Mishkan (tabernacle) and the priestly vestments, descriptors such as artistry, exquisiteness, skill and dedication come readily to mind. Without question, the young Jewish new nation put their utmost into supplying and crafting materials to beautify Hashem’s structure. While each descriptor represents a primary quality of our first national house of service,
Are you reading this on your mobile phone? Did you check Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat when you woke up this morning? As a rabbi or educator, you might have answered no. But, for millions of people around the world, their morning routine has changed dramatically in the past five years—and things aren’t slowing down in 2014 In fact, if you were to survey your students, congregants and donors
Perhaps the most fundamental philosophical conundrum contained in Parshas Va’Era relates to the apparent injustice associated with the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart (Shemos 7:3, et al). Where was the justice, we wonder, in Hashem augmenting Pharaoh’s inherent cruelty and stubbornness
As Jewish day school parents, we tend to be very involved in our children's education. The very process of selecting a Jewish day school is a form of involvement. There are countless other ways to be involved, including helping children with homework, volunteering at school, raising funds, and communicating with teachers about our children's progress. As a former day school teacher
A number of days ago, Google released YouTube Rewind 2013. The YouTube Rewind feature is something that the company has offered for several years now and is a playlist of the most popular trending, searched, and viewed videos of the year. At first glance, this feature will not help a rabbi or school—nor any sort of nonprofit organization!