Due to the Great Recession, many people have found that the past several years have been really hard for them to make ends meet. And, at a organizational level, it's also been rough. One way that you can supplement income and increase the visibility of your personal and professional brand is to create your very own online course.
As we are now weeks into 2015, it’s time to give some thought as to how you are going to market your new classes, programs and fundraising events in the coming months ahead. With a new year comes new trends and while some things are likely to stay the same, we must keep new trends... Read more »
Where can I get a great Orthodox Jewish donor telemarketing list? Good telemarketing lists are hard to come by. For mailing lists, list owners usually don't give their list directly to the renter; they send the list to the mailing house, and the renting organization never gets their hands on their donor names (except those who respond). That won't work with phone lists;
I needed flyers. In order to do programs for my community, I needed to be able to make nice flyers to hang up, hand out, and embed in an email. We could not pay the $75 or more for each flyer to be designed. So I wondered, "What should I do?" Rabbi Michoel Green wrote an article (see here) on NLEResources.com about Canva where you can make flyers! You can layer words, and you can
One of the key presentations at last year's President’s Conference in Israel focused on how videos are becoming the new web content. The panel emphasized that with so much information on the web, most people, including myself, skim articles rather than read them – which is probably what you're doing now. That means that a lot of people will miss the important points, while focusing on the "kleinekeit."
A number of weeks ago, we featured a post called, How to Find and Use Free Images for Your Flyers, Websites, Blogs and More. Several people thanked us for sharing these resources as they are constantly looking for sites that offer high-quality free images that they can use to help advertise their events and programs. We have recently come across four other sites that can be of service to all rabbis and educators
Want to use Pinterest but aren't sure you have any content to post on the popular social media site known as: Pinterest? Don't worry. You too can tap into this powerful marketing tool to build trust and engage your students while increasing your nonprofit’s visibility! Not convinced that Pinterest is powerful? Consider this: Pinterest drives more traffic to BuzzFeed than Twitter!
We live in a digital age. According to a survey conducted by emarketer.com, the average adult spends five hours a day on the internet. Between being at work, surfing the web on a desktop or searching on a mobile device, a very large chunk of time is spent online. Therefore, by not promoting your non-profit organization online, you are
An animated GIF is a series of still image frames coded into a single file. While animated GIFs have been popular online for years, they are now increasingly popular and often go viral across social media and blogs. Ready to learn how you can use a GIF to get your organization attention and market your programs? Here we go!
Gone are the days when people took pictures on a bulky camera and then had to wait several days for the lab to process their film. Nowadays, everyone can quickly take great looking pictures on their phones and instantly see the image on their screen. This has led to a proliferation of people being able to easily capture a beautiful sky or snap