As the calendar year has now changed to 2016, we have the opportunity to re-read the most popular blogposts of 2016.

Much thanks to all of our contributors to the NLE Journal and Featured Posts. Their writing further enhances the site that is recognized around the globe as being a valuable resource to rabbis and educators.

We value each and every reader of and sincerely appreciate your input, advice and comments that you have shared with us over the years.

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  1. The NLE High Holidays Programming Guide and Prayer Companions
  2. Ezra Will Live
  3. How to Find & Use Free Images for Your Flyers, Websites, Blogs & More
  4. Coming to Israel this Summer? How to Determine if a Phone will Work in The Holy Land!
  5. New Website for HaGaon Rav Asher Weiss
  6. Adds a Special Section for Ramban al HaTorah
  7. All You Need to Know to Easily Print Infographics & Posters for Your Classroom or Event
  8. FREE Kabbalat Shabbat Experience Siddur for Newcomers
  9. 5 Simple Steps to Moving Emails from One Gmail Account to Another
  10. A MUST READ: The Guide to Early Shabbat
  11. 3D Printing & Kiruv
  12. Lessons an Orthodox Rabbi Learns from the Mets
  13. Part 1—A Guide to Writing, Publishing & Distributing a Jewish Book
  14. Emunah for Children of the 21th Century (and the rest of us!)
  15. Part 1: Everything a Rabbi and Educator Needs to Know About Instagram
  16. A Short Tribute to Rav Eitam Henkin ZT”L, HY”D
  17. Introducing: Free High Holidays Machzor Companions for Teens
  18. A Note from a Charedi Rabbi to The Women of the Wall
  19. The Jewish Birth Rate Crisis
  20. A Free 10 Part Multimedia Curriculum Explaining the Value of Torah
  21. Use Square? You’ll Easily Increase Your Donations
  22. Augmented Reality 4D Mishkan
  23. A Traditional Jewish Approach to Homosexuality
  24. Responding to Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz the Orthodox Rabbi Supporting Gay-Marriage
  25. Could Live Streaming Be the Key to Kiruv?
  26. Faith in An Age of Evil – A Deeper Reflection on Recent Events
  27. 6 Steps to Publish Your own Podcast on iTunes
  28. Anthology of Jewish Articles & Links in Response to The Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage Equality
  29. Learn How You Can Easily Create Flyers for FREE Using
  30. How You Can Easily Schedule Your Gmail Messages for Free
  31. The 10 Secular Books Every Rabbi & Educator Should Know
  32. New, Free & Customizable Mikraot Gedolot From
  33. The Top 10 Social Media Tips Every Nonprofit Needs to Know for 2015
  34. How to Pick a (Jewish) Hashtag: The Power of Social Media
  35. New Infographic: The Passover Seder Cheat Sheet

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